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These companies trust us

Cloud Application Architect


        Design of distributed systems and applications

        Conception of the cloud hosting and deployment model

        Development of technical architecture for cloud applications based on IaaS (VMs, network topology, load balancing / routers, DNS, storage) and PaaS (middleware, database, messaging, ...) services

        Development of cloud-native application architectures (Micro services, 12-Factor App Guidelines, API Design, ...)

        Support for the assessment and selection of cloud-enabled technologies (such as API gateways, monitoring, messaging)

        Support for the selection of suitable software frameworks and libraries

        Identifying integration needs and designing integration scenarios

        Supporting projects in designing and implementing up-to-date software development techniques and tools (such as Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Pipelines, Test Automation, Zero Downtime Deployment Process)

        Conception of the operating architecture for cloud applications (for example, auto-scaling, lifecycle and patch management, monitoring and logging, secrets management)


        Experience in the implementation of cloud technologies in enterprise environments

        Knowledge of the use of different cloud computing services (OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, AWS, Azure, GCE ...)

        Deep knowledge in the use of modern technologies in cloud environments (container / docker, Kubernetes, Consul, Zookeeper, Kafka, ELK, NoSQL DBs, ...)

        Deep knowledge in software development and current software architecture trends and technologies (e.g., Micro services, 12-Fator Apps, Continuous De-livery)

        Experience in the interworking of (cloud) infrastructure components, in particular the integration of the IaaS and PaaS divisions and their integration into company and back-end systems (IdM, Application Integration via Enterprise Service Bus and overlapping security aspects)

        Experience with tools and processes for the automated provisioning of systems in the cloud computing environment and with Infrastructure as Code Methods & Tools

        Contributions / cooperation in Open Source Community (Open stack, Cloud Foundry, ...) are desirable


        Experience with agile development methods (Scrum, Kanban, ...)

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