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These companies trust us

SeniorData Scientist/Machine Learning expert/Natural Language

As a natural language expert, you help define the architecture of the new NLP system that is aimed at being able to handle natural language text and extract relevant knowledge from it. You are able to bring the defined architecture into reality.

1.1                         Profile

Scientific method

·         Masters or Doctorate degree in a quantitative field (e.g., mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering, etc.) required.

·         Experience in using the scientific method and empirical research to answer business questions. Formulates hypotheses, then designs experiments to collect the necessary data and/or explores existing data sets.

·         Experience with Natural Language Processing. If that experience includes sentiment analysis that is a big plus.

·         Can apply supervised and non supervised machine learning techniques such as clustering, SVM, Random Forests, deep neural networks, bayesian networks, hidden markov models, collaborative filtering, regression methods, etc.

  • ·         Contract Position
  • ·         Rate: 500 EUROS
  • ·         Brussels City
  • ·         Start: 01/02/2017
  • ·         Need to speak English
  • ·         12 months
  •  Send me your CV:


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