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These companies trust us

A job position is available to join the penetration testing team which offers an independent evaluation of the security measures in a product by attacking and reverse engineering the existing protection.  

The team is also responsible for organizing the cumulated knowledge about existing hacks and potential vulnerabilities in specific targets. Finally, auxiliary tools will be developed as part of the execution and automation of the attack vectors.

In general, the following activities are expected to be executed by the new team member

-          Hands on security testing/reverse engineering (a.k.a. penetration testing)

-          Development of helper security verification tools

-          Documentation of knowledge and findings in the form of guidelines, checklists and examples to be used by development teams

Job Start and Duration

Job start is ASAP. We are interested in both permanent and temporary contracts. In the latter case we offer a contract for 12 months. However, also for the temporary type of contract .


The candidate needs to have the following profile / experience:

  • Experience with reverse engineering tools and techniques,
    • Debuggers, decompilers, disassemblers, deobfuscators

o   Static and dynamic binary analysis, binary injection

o   Packet sniffers

  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Good C/assembly development skills
  • Experience with both Linux and Windows OS
  • Good writing skills
  • Fluent English


Experience in the following topics is desirable

·         Anti-tamper tools and techniques

·         Hardware/software attack vectors

·         Malware analysis

·         Cryptography (RSA, SHA-1, AES, …)

  • Android development


·         Networking protocols



SIf it's suitable for you please send me you cv

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