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Sypnio is a new ISV focused on ACA reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll

Published on 15 August in Next Ventures

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics GP to process payroll in-house in the US, a newly formed company, Sypnio Software LLC, wants to offer you a way to comply headache-free with upcoming IRS employee tracking and reporting requirements as mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Based in Joliet, Ill., Sypnio has its roots in a product developed at InterDyn LANAC Technology, the Microsoft partner based in Chicago that developed ACA Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics GP and launched it in February 2014.

Sypnio's owner, Helen Karakoudas, had worked as a consultant with the ACA research and reporting team at LANAC. She recently bought the rights to the ACA-compliance software from LANAC and formed the independent company ...

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