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Our aim is to ensure each of our candidates feel that they have gained a superior recruitment service from us. Principally, we focus on each of our candidates varied needs, where our highly experienced Consultants engage to ensure the most suitable support at any given stage of the recruitment process is provided.

For these and many other reasons, we are delighted to extend some of the various testimonials and references provided to us to date by our candidates from around the world.

Next Ventures recruited me into Johnson & Johnson. They had a very good understanding of the role on offer, and were very efficient in sorting out queries and issues. The consultant also had a very good balance between giving people enough updates, but not calling too often. He made the recruitment experience a positive one.

Doris Kneilling, SAP Consultant

Working with Next Ventures has been a pleasure. The energy and commitment they showed in the first call I had with them has been maintained throughout my contract duration, in all our dealings. I hope to continue our association long in to the future.

David Erasmus, Oracle e-Business Contractor

I found Next Ventures to be true professionals and one of the best recruitment consultancies I have worked with in my long career. From the outset they were very clear about the technical requirements of the role, had a detailed profile of the company they were recruiting for and certainly understood the data market well. The consultant I dealt with was
especially helpful in dealing with the contract negotiations from both sides, and even had time to meet with me during
the interview process and post job offer. I would certainly recommend other friends and colleagues within the industry
to use Next Ventures as I know they will not be disappointed.


Clive Richardson, SQL Server DBA

Next Ventures went to great lengths to make sure I was the right candidate for the sought after position, as
well as making sure that the company was right for me. The recruitment turned out to be a very good fit both for me and for the recruiting company. I was also impressed by how Next Ventures and its employees showed great dedication and
professionalism during but also after my successful placement.

Petter Claesson, VoIP Technical Consultant

Next Ventures provides its clients with the very best Enterprise Technology resources on a global basis. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, Cisco, EMC and IBM.

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