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Dynamics Profile: Evangelizing CRM across industries, countries creates even greater understanding, says one Microsoft MVP

Published on 20 April in Microsoft

Two-time Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP Steven Foster has done something that most likely no other Dynamics CRM MVP ever has: licked the back end of a green ant to get a vitamin C rush.

Seriously, that's a real thing in Australia.

"The ants were on a fence in a park reserve in the Daintree Rainforest," says Foster, who lives in New Zealand. "I was on my honeymoon in Australia and we were on a half-day explore of the forest with a guide. The ant was a bit bigger than normal. It had a green back end and if you licked it, you got a vitamin C rush. I did it because no one else in the group wanted to do it. I thought ‘you only live once - so why not?' It was ...

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