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From the Microsoft Dynamics AX blogs: Extension framework; AX 2012 R3 change tracking; Custom web services; Renaming POS fields

Published on 17 November in Next Ventures

A selection of the latest insight from the Microsoft Dynamics AX blogs:

  • AX 2012 Extension Framework;
  • Change Tracking in AX2012 R3;
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Custom Web Services Wizard;
  • Renaming Field Name Text (RetailLanguageText) on POS screen in AX 2012 R3

AX 2012 Extension Framework

On the Dynamics AX Musingsblog, Joris de Gruyter says that in a lot of ways, X++ developers, including himself, have gotten lazy over the years. He says that there a lot of things X++ developers do today that they probably would never do in any other programming environment just because "that's how ...

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