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Healthcare Check-Up: SAP on the Frontline Against Infectious Disease

Published on 16 February in SAP
Infectious diseases can be defeated, and SAP is bringing the power of  dollars and innovation to the front lines.

Decades ago, many believed the fight against infectious diseases had been won. But diseases like HIV-AIDS have emerged and become epidemics. Malaria and tuberculosis still persist, impacting the lives of millions of children worldwide annually. And newer threats like Ebola have taken center stage. Around the world, SAP is developing technology solutions and teaming with organizations to fight these diseases. See how SAP used SAP HANA cloud platform and other innovations to help contain Ebola. SAP is also collaborating with The Global Fund to ensure the effectiveness of programs to prevent and treat HIV-AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

To learn more, see: “Healthcare Check-Up: SAP Goes Low and High Tech to Help Fight Diseases

This piece is part of an ongoing “SAP Healthcare: A Check Up” series, which looks at how SAP is improving people’s health around the world.

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