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Innovating With, At, For Customers: Key Ingredients

Published on 18 September in SAP

The buzz: Innovation.

Is your company so consumed with profitability and revenue optimization tasks that you’re neglecting the connection to your customers? Most important, are you forgetting to involve them in your product innovation journey?

Don’t feel badly. Co-creation with an external community is a newer discipline that requires clarity, creativity, and continuity – and techniques like Design Thinking can help. Hint: Startups do this more naturally than large companies do.

if you’re not doing it well – or not at all  - it’s time to learn about the collaboration points and mechanisms that can help you foster meaningful, sustainable, co-innovation relationships.

The experts speak.

Jeremy Cox, Ovum: “Smart companies engineer serendipity into their organizations, whereas the majority pay lip-service to innovation.”

Paul Hobcraft, Innovation Transformation Advisor: “Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom.” (Mary Browne, 1891–1971, first American female professional tennis player)

Marc Dietrich, SAP: “Tatatataaaaa. This is our prototype!” (A software developer)

Join us for Innovating With, At, For Customers: Key Ingredients.


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