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Manufacturing and The Internet of Things

Published on 25 September in SAP

The buzz: Manufacturing.

The Internet of Things (IoT) for manufacturers can be confusing. Some consider IoT a passing fad or the next big wave in manufacturing B2B. Some see traditional M2M manufacturing connectivity as the IoT. Others either consider IoT a new, separate thing, or the continuation of a recent trend from a few years ago. To clear up this tumult, we’ll explore the opportunity IoT holds for tomorrow’s manufacturers in terms of business simplification, merits, benefits, use cases, roadblocks and more.

The experts speak.

Joe Barkai, Manufacturing Analyst:For there to be an Internet of Things, someone has to put the Internet in those things, and then those things have to be placed on the Internet and connected in a manner that realizes a meaningful and worthwhile business value.”

Girish Hegde, Greene Tweed: “The Internet of Things is making manufacturing ‘relevant’ again.”

Sam Castro, SAP: “What gets measured gets improved.” (Robin S. Sharma)

Join us for Manufacturing and The Internet of Things.


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