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Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup: AX POS fuel pricing integration; GP for long term care facilities; GP, NAV, SL team hires and promotions

Published on 1 May in Microsoft

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics partner news roundup:

  • PriceAdvantage Integrates with PetroZone Retail Fuels Module;
  • Intellitec Now Supports Long-Term Care Clients in 15 States
  • Boyer & Associates Expands Dynamics GP, NAV Consulting Team;
  • Crestwood Announces Staff Promotion for Dynamics SL;

PriceAdvantage Integrates with PetroZone Retail Fuels Module

PriceAdvantage, a fuel price management software company and division of Skyline Products, has announced that the company software now integrate with P97 Networks' PetroZone Retail Fuels Module (RFM) powered by the Microsoft Dynamics AX point-of-sale system.

The integratio...

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