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Mission Critical: Identifying and Developing Leaders

Published on 3 November in SAP

The buzz: Leaders.

Employee engagement. Retention. Your employer brand. The leaders you hire or promote from inside will make or break your workforce strategies. The trends are ominous. Your organization needs to identify and develop the right kind of leaders. But how?

The experts speak.

Justin Locke, Author: “’Leadership Development’ is in direct conflict with the core management ideology of the Industrial Revolution, where obedience, uniformity, and the smooth running of the factory are more important than the people working in it… Many of us still work within that century-old cultural ideology… to move ahead, we must be conscious of where we are coming from.”

Janet Wood, SAP: “I learned to always take on things I’d never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist.” (Virginia Rometty, CEO at IBM)

Karie Willyerd, SAP: “Few workplaces have planned well for…what it will take to lead the next generation of employees.”

Join us for Mission Critical: Identifying and Developing Leaders.

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