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Powering up for 2050: Energy Companies Transform With Mobile Solutions

Published on 3 October in SAP
Futurologists predict by 2050 giant, trans-continental grids will seamlessly and efficiently provide most of the world’s energy needs.



Sound farfetched? Three things will help make it happen. The need for clean, cost-effective energy will lead to more regulation. Advances in technology will enable nations to share power from abundant sources such solar energy through giant grids. And most importantly, energy companies are transforming themselves to manage energy more efficiently.

One way energy companies can increase efficiency is to equip their field force with mobile solutions that help them get the job done better and faster. Click here to find out how innovative leaders like Australia’s Powercor, UK’s National Grid and Brazil’s Neoenergia are leading the way.


For more information, read about the importance of mobility for companies of all sizes in all industries as they engage with users and customers.

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