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Securitas Direct Will Be Able to Manage up to 100 Million Verisure Alarm Signals Per Day with Oracle Internet of Things Solution

Published on 16 October in Oracle


Securitas Direct Will Be Able to Manage up to 100 Million Verisure Alarm Signals Per Day with Oracle Internet of Things Solution

Oracle technology helps Securitas Direct improve service quality and diversify offerings by increasing speed and capacity at its processing center

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – October 16, 2014


Securitas Direct, a leading supplier of safety and security solutions in Spain, Europe, and Latin America, has chosen Oracle hardware and software as the backbone for its main connections and processing signals center. With the Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) solution, Securitas Direct will be able to strengthen the quality of service, speed time to market for new products and services, and deliver an improved experience for its business and residential customers. The Oracle solution will allow Securitas Direct to manage as many as 100 million signals per day from different security devices. With Oracle, Securitas Direct migrated its legacy system to a scalable, integrated platform that can handle massive amounts of device data transforming it to immediate business value while providing centralized monitoring services from a hub in Spain to countries including Brazil, Chile, France, Italy, Peru, and Portugal.

New Facts

Continuing its commitment to deliver the most innovative solutions for alarms and intelligent applications, Securitas Direct introduced the Verisure system, which enables customers to monitor security remotely via mobile applications.
In order to develop the Verisure system and support future products and services related to the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart-home systems, Securitas Direct needed an integrated monitoring platform that could manage an increasing amount of data and communications originating from installed security equipment devices. With Oracle’s technology, the system can handle an exponential increase in recurrent communications between the alarm devices and the central monitoring hub.
Using Oracle technology and services, Securitas Direct can scale to manage as many as 100 million signals per day from different security devices. With this next-generation platform, corporate centers from seven countries can obtain service through the systems that support the Central Monitoring Station. The new solution currently processes more than 2 million device alarm signals per day.
By implementing the Oracle solutions, Securitas Direct has been able to reduce system latency of the alarm signal to response timeto mere seconds, while also improving the efficiency of the signals management system.
Oracle’s technology will support Securitas Direct’s future business growth. Additionally, it will also help strengthen the quality of service for Securitas Direct’s home and business clients.

Technical Description of the Oracle Solution

Securitas Direct uses a wide range of Oracle technology, including Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle’s Sun x86 systems, and Oracle VM running on Oracle Linux.
Using Oracle Fusion Middleware—Oracle Event Processing, Oracle Business Activity Monitoring, and Oracle Coherence—the company has been able to shorten the time to market for applications and services. For example, by analyzing the events that occur at home, such as movement detection and power failure, Securitas Direct has been able to speed response times to customer demands for new security features.
With the implementation, the company also has improved the response time when an alert is received.
Additionally, the solution has facilitated the launch of new products related to the Internet of Things and improved time to market for products and services in the new countries where the company operates.
Securitas Direct replaced the previous solution with Oracle technology in two phases. First, the middleware base was created, and then the services were migrated one by one from the legacy system to the new platform without any interruption in service.
With Oracle SOA Suite, Securitas Direct has been able to improve the customer experience for the services already provided to homeowners and businesses by making it possible for them to configure security remotely through mobile applications.
Securitas Direct received the 2014 Oracle Excellence Award for Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation: Service-Oriented-Architecture at Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

Supporting Quote

“Oracle solutions have helped us deliver on our commitment to providing the highest quality of service, ensuring the best experience for our customers, both homes and businesses, and getting into new areas with a time to market three times faster than before,” said David Martínez Álvarez, M2M platform manager, Securitas Direct España.

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