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Small Business Insights Part 2: Art of Customer Engagement.

Published on 21 May in SAP

The buzz: Fine Art. 

To survive today, small businesses must understand the fine art of customer engagement and the importance of cohesive omni-channel branding.

But how can you “know your customers” and where your product fits into their lives?

Hint: Social media can help you create mini-focus groups and technology can help ensure your customers know that you value them uniquely.

And there’s so much more to learn from our panelists!

The experts speak.                                        

Susan Wilson Solovic, THE Small Business Expert: “No company big or small can run the risk of being fat, dumb and happy. To remain relevant to your customers, you must constantly be innovating.”

Morgan Browne, IIS Group: “Different people have different presences for how they engage – especially in an environment dominated by social media and digital communications.”

Carrie Maslen, SAP: “’Who are you – I really wanna know’. A brand needs to clearly define and convey what we want it to in a predictable and consistent manner.” (Pete Townsend lyric)

Join us for Small Business Insights Part 2: Art of Customer Engagement.

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