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The Jetsons, Self-Driving Cars, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Success

Published on 25 February in Microsoft

When I was a kid, my dad would always try to get me to join my brother in learning what at the time was thought to be a life skill - repairing cars. My best "Elroy Jetson" influenced response was always, "Dad, I won't need that when I grow up, cars will fly by then."  

A few decades later, well ... I was mostly wrong. Cars certainly don't fly and the vast majority use a technology-ensconced version of the same gas engine my Dad worked on. These days, however, given the technology wrapped around that engine, even my most mechanically savvy friends barely touch them.  

While cars don't yet fly like in The Jetsons, many are beginning to drive themselves.  Google has attached a layer of lasers, GPS, and assorted sensors a...

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