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Unleashing Unlimited Human Potential

Published on 30 July in SAP

Today’s buzz: Human potential.

Is your company still operating under the Industrial Era-style model of standardization, predictability, and top-down authority? Enough!

Progressive organizations today are using a connected, collaborative, creative model to unleash and amplify the imagination, initiative, passion of inspired individual employees, customers, suppliers and others.  

Sound exciting, scary, or somewhere in between?

To help you decide if this approach is right for your organization, we’ve assembled a panel of gurus – including two SAP Unlimited Human Potential M-Prize winners.

The experts speak.

Polly LaBarre, MIX: “Every great advance has issued from a new audacity of imagination.” (John Dewey)

Drew Jones, Conjunctured Coworking, M-Prize Winner: “In today’s rapidly evolving ‘sharing economy,’ traditionally managed large firms built purely on scale will struggle to receive respect and commitment from tomorrow’s most talented knowledge workers.”

Mario Kaphan,, M-Prize Winner: “Individuals are empowered to do whatever they want, BUT everybody has everything to do with that.”

Kerry Brown, SAP: “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

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