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Why 2015 may have been my last Convergence conference

Published on 26 March in Microsoft

My first Convergence was in March of 1999. I'd been working with Great Plains Dynamics for about six weeks. The company I worked for was still implementing Dynamics CS+. These were the days of version 5.0, and Great Plains was changing the product name to eEnterprise with the 5.5 release. We were confused by the messages at Convergence. What is this eEnterprise thing? Is it different from Dynamics CS+? We wanted the best and we were afraid that we didn't have it. We finally figured it all out. eEnterprise was the next release of CS+. Everything was going to be fine. Crisis averted.

I've missed one Convergence since then, the first San Diego conference. Of course, since I live in Orlando and Convergence was held there for so many years, the early ones were easy t...

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