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Software Development and Testing

Our dedicated Software Development and Testing recruitment team have developed a global network of fully qualified Software Development and Testing professionals, well versed in key software development tools, including:

  • .NET
  • JAVA
  • Open source
  • Mule

Assisting many of the multi-national organisations throughout the world, our dedicated Software Development and Testing recruitment team successfully deliver staffing solutions to meet explicit development and testing project requirements, consistently.

Our specialist recruitment team focus on the following skill-sets and roles, including:

  • Software Development and Project Management roles in tools, editors and frameworks including: .NET, JAVA, Open source, Mule, Freeware, Cobol, PHP, C#, JUTE and Octopus
  • Agile Development and Testing with skill-sets in Agile Methodology and Agile Project Management, including:
  • Adaptive Software Development (ASD)
  • Agile Modelling
  • Agile Unified Process (AUP)
  • Crystal Clear Methods (Crystal Clear)
  • Disciplined Agile Delivery
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Feature Driven Development (FDD)
  • Lean software development
  • Kanban (development)
  • Scrum
  • Scrum ban
  • Project Managers and Change Managers
  • Manual and Automated Testers
  • Test/Project Mangers experienced across stress testing, load testing and performance testing.

To discuss in more detail your specific Software Development and Testing staffing requirements or explore your next Software Development or Testing focused role, please click here to contact our dedicated Specialist Technology Recruitment team or call +44 (0) 207 549 4030.

Next Ventures provides its clients with the very best Enterprise Technology resources on a global basis. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, Cisco, EMC and IBM.

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